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NightHawk QS3

Long Endurance ISR Platform with Low Acoustic and Low Thermal Signatures

The NightHawk is a long endurance ISR platform with low acoustic and low thermal signatures, that is capable of manned and unmanned operations. Its advanced aerodynamic design, high efficiency turbo-diesel engine and carbon fiber construction enable a range of up to 5000 NM at cruise or approximately 60 hours of endurance while loitering, with a payload of 500 pounds operating as a UAV. The NightHawk also provides over 150ft3 of internal space for payload. Designed to be rapidly deployable via a C-17, its outer wing panels can be removed in less than 30 minutes by two individuals. There are two (2) hardpoints, designed to carry 450-pound loads on the wings which can be used to carry external sensors and/or auxiliary fuel. The NightHawk current TRL is 6.

Base Specifications

Wingspan57’ (17’ without outer wing panels)
WeightMaximum gross weight – 3800 pounds, empty 2350 pounds
Height11’, 2”
Engine (primary)SAFRAN SR305-260E, 260 HP
Engine (backup)PBS TJ-100 turbojet, 300 pounds thrust, stored w/in fuselage tail cone
FuelsJP-8, Jet A, A1
Fuel Tanks118-gallon wing tank
Aux fuel tanksTwo 30-gallon externally mounted wing tanks
SpeedMaximum cruise 150+ knots
Range3000 NM at 130 knots cruise
Endurance30 hours loiter time (45+ hours w/external auxiliary tanks)
Ceiling> 25,000′
Sensor Payload18 ft3 in primary sensor bay, plus nine locations throughout aircraft for concealed or enclosed equipment
Cabin ConfigurationManned ISR configuration – three stations: pilot, copilot/sensor operator and
additional sensor operator/crew.
Utility configuration – 1 crew & space for 4 pax or 1000 pounds of cargo (~110 ft3

UAV Configuration

MTOW4250 pounds
Internal aux fuel capacity90 gallons
Range5000+ NM @ 130 knots
Endurance~ 60 hours loiter time
Payload500 pounds with full load of fuel and 150 ft3 of concealed/internal space

Manned ISR Configuration

CrewUp to three – pilot, copilot (and/or sensor operator) and sensor operator
Sensor bayDesigned to carry two WESCAM MX-15 gimbals (IR/Vis/etc.) or equivalent equipment
Additional sensor locationsNine locations throughout aircraft for concealed or enclosed equipment

*Note – Specifications will vary by configuration, intended use, sensor options and mission parameters.